Therapeutic Massage
     I combine Swedish massage with techniques from modalities like Shiatsu and acupressure to address stress and fatigue, as well as repetitive strain injuries, chronic pain, and muscle tension. The combination of modalities, depth of pressure, focus of deeper work, as well as the addition of stretches or rotations, varies with each client and reflects their individual needs at the time of the session.
    The fundamental effects of massage -- increased circulation, decreased anxiety, better sleep, less fatigue, improved concentration and greater energy -- can improve overall health, and, studies show, have impact on specific issues related to illness. Massage can improve range of motion, support weak, tight or atrophied muscles, address low back pain, spasms or cramping and enhance overall immunity.
    An ancient healing art of Eastern tradition, acupressure addresses specific ailments or symptoms by supporting the body’s ability to regulate itself. Like massage, this modality helps improve circulation and release muscle tension, and the target of treatment can be specific pain or discomfort. In acupressure, however, relief is accomplished in a more subtle way, by holding points along the body’s meridians (the same as those used by acupuncturists) to improve and balance the flow of energy.  
    I practice Jin Shin, a “listening style” of acupressure, in which very light pressure is applied to points along the body’s meridians. These meridians, also used in acupuncture, are pathways of energy that correspond to the body’s main organs. In an acupressure session, I assess the flow of energy through all the meridians and formulate a treatment plan to bring harmony and balance to that flow throughout the body.
    Pregnancy massage is about sublime comfort coupled with relief and deep relaxation.  Using positions and cushioning designed for safety and support, I adapt a variety of massage modalities to address the changes in a pregnant woman’s body as they occur from week to week. Postpartum, I offer infant massage as well, in sessions designed to help a new mother practice at home.
    This Japanese bodywork is focused, like acupressure, on releasing and balancing the body’s energy flow to promote health and vitality. While addressing specific symptoms, like back pain, muscular tension, stress, or headache, the massage works on a broader level, stimulating circulation, relaxation and healing.
    Some of the overall effects of massage -- increased circulation, relaxation, stress reduction -- are particularly important, and deeply appreciated, during pregnancy. Other benefits are specifically related to the body’s changes and associated symptoms as it prepares for birth.  Massage can address, and help relieve, muscle spasms, cramps and myofascial pain in the legs, hips and back. It can help reduce swelling, improve sleep, and work to ease tension and aches related to postural change. Infant massage can help with sleeping, weight gain, digestion, neurological development and bonding.
Oncology Massage
        I am certified to provide appropriately adapted massage for clients living with cancer. I have learned from experience that massage can help clients cope with a wide variety of symptoms at every stage of treatment.
    Studies reflect a wide range of potential    
benefits that massage can provide for
cancer patients. Some can be subtle and psychological, such as when bodywork
gives relief from isolation, creates a comforting distraction, decreases anxiety or offers meaningful social interaction. Other benefits -- pain relief, sedation of the nervous system, reduction of swelling -- are more physically palpable. A complete list of benefits can be found on the Oncology Massage page.
        For a Shiatsu session the client should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. As with  acupressure, this work is focused on the body’s meridians, though not exclusively on specific points along the meridians. Shiatsu is a full body massage that combines compression, stretching, rotation, and finger pressure, usually thumbs, to bring relaxation, healing and balance to the recipient.